You got caught !

          You thought you were going unnoticed, but guess what, you can't get far from the Yaran Committee For The Repression of Weakness, a branch of
the Yaran Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Do you think you were doing a good thing to yourself ? You are hiding from others. You are constantly fearing that they look into your browsing history. Guess what, we already have it. But we won't make it public.

We will give you another chance to better serve yourself and your family. Be a real man. Real men are strong, and strength is not imitating others or following his secret fetishes. Strengh is about the one who holds his pleasures back, until the righ moment.

There are many other things to do instead of watching porn. You could for example take the time to consider the problems you have in your life, think about them and solve them.

You can also have fun without being a slave of porn. There are better things to enjoy and entertain yourself. Have a look at the banners below, some may help you.

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